Using Prezi for Visual Composition and Dynamic Electronic Posters


Algorithmic Visualization in Digital Humanities Projects

Mapping the Republic of Letters

Linked Jazz


Edward Tufte’s Visual Confections


“a confection is an assembly of many visual events, selected … from various Streams of Story, then brought together and juxtaposed on the still flatland of paper. By means of a multiplicity of image-events, confections illustrate an argument, present and enforce visual comparisons, combine the real and the imagined, and tell us yet another story. Visual Explanations, pg. 121


Frontispiece from Hobbes’s Leviathan

Prezi as Presentation Tool

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Prezi as Thought Map/Presentation

Christmas Hearth

Gilbert Silver

Colonial Revival

Prezi as Prototype

Confluences// prototypes

Dover QP

Prezi as Layout

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Prezi as Visual Argument and Augmentation

Prezi as a Teaching Tool

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