Working on a digital project can feel like falling down a rabbit hole
As new complexities and problems arise the work can begin to take up lots of unexpected time.
Proper project management can help you gauge the rabbit hole’s depth and control your descent.

Project Processes and Mentality

  • Projects are processes, embrace change and adaptation
  • Plan, organize, change, replan, reorganize
  • Re-draft schedules regularly
    • Give yourself target dates but don’t be afraid to adjust where you need to be.
    • Not meant to be anxiety inducing but flow producing.
    • Always be thinking about and planning for what is next as you move forward.
  • Build in iterations in the form of writing progress reports, drafts, etc.
  • Keep in communication and make sure entire team is on the same page. Schedule regular meetings, be they in-face, video calls, or text chats.


Project Management

  • What Kind of Management
    • Tracking workflow?
    • Tasks?
    • Bug checking?
    • Consistent communication flow?
  • Choose tools wisely for project tasks and workflow
  • Basecamp
    • Detailed scheduling
    • Task assignment
    • To-do lists
    • File-sharing and archiving
    • Connected to email communication
    • Cross-platform
  • Trello
    • Card-based task assignment
    • Easy user management
    • Visual-based interface
    • Cross-platform
  • Redmine
    • For the geekiest projects most tech-oriented
    • Driven by bug-ticket-assignee completion process
    • Must self-host and install on your own server
  • Slack
    • Constant-on communication
    • Real time digital workflow
    • Basic file and resource sharing
    • Cross-platform

Group Research

  • Networked
  • Auto-backed up
  • Sharing
  • Zotero
    • Bibliographical capture and citation
    • Automated and designed for web capture
    • Flexible intake and output
    • Browser plug-in
    • Groups for gathering and sharing of libraries
    • FREE!
  • Evernote
    • Robust note-taking
    • Web capture
    • Browser plug-in
    • Sharing across Evernote users
    • Cross-platform
    • FREE!


  • Scrivener
    • Project-based
    • Database-driven
    • Robust file organization
    • Research aggregation
    • Mac and Windows versions
    • Worth cost
  • Google Docs
    • Real-time collaborating
    • Existing NYU Platform
    • Great web integration
    • Replicates document writing (+/-)
  • Wikis (
    • Robust, easy site growth
    • Collaborative non-doc centered
    • Easy privacy
    • Easy file sharing
    • FREE! education use


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