Kimon Keramidas & Michael Mandiberg

  1. Overview of Project Management
  2. Some Anecdotes on Projects
    • Projects: Smithsonian (KK) & Chaplin/A+F (MM)
  3. Things to Think About When Planning
    • Find your own path through a project and actively rethink your work
    • Beware of scope creep
    • Build in time to make mistakes
    • Allow room for experimentation
    • Reach out to others for help/knowledge/resources
    • Understand and become familiar with the tools you are working with
    • Understand the field you are working in and its disciplinary expectations
    • Be thoughtful about transitioning traditional research into project-based work
  4. Breakout
    • Describe your goal to your partner – project/general interest/direction
    • Describe a potential project
    • Help each other make a list of what you need to accomplish the project – people, skills, resources, stuff, access
    • Help each other draft a rough sequential timeline (what comes first, second, third). Focus on order, not necessarily duration.
  5. KK & MM Workshop your ideas
  6. Dealing with time management & team communication
    • Allocate time and resources
    • Be honest with yourself about how much time you need and how best you work
    • Dealing with other people: understand their personalities; maintain positive relationships; learn how to negotiate with people
    • Remember, a dissertation is a project you are managing, with a team, and a workflow.
  7. Breakout
    • Discuss your work habits with your partner
    • Discuss positive and negative experiences you’ve had collaborating; what worked? what didn’t?
    • Identify how you will approach your project, what collaborations it will require, and how you might approach those collaborations
  8. Q&A